Prevent Roof Damage With Our Ice Dam Solutions

Avoid Expensive Roof Replacement Costs

Ice hanging from your roof might look very pretty. In fact, it’s the classic winter scene that we see on so many post cards, in movies and more. Yet icicles hanging off a roof can be associated with ice dams – generally not a good sign. An ice dam is a ridge of ice and snow that forms near the eaves. Water can back up behind the dam, causing leaks to form on the roof.

Roof and Ice Damage RepairIf left unchecked, these leaks can cause extensive damage to your ceiling, walls, attic, insulation and more. Plus, leaks can quickly become larger, which might lead to the need for roof replacement long before the estimated lifespan of the roof has been reached.

Don’t let ice damming on your roof be the cause of premature roof failure. A&A Services Home Improvement has been around for over 35 years, and we have the ice dam solutions you need to prevent roof damage.

What Causes Ice Dams?

Most ice dams are caused by poor insulation or ventilation. Too much warm air in the attic will cause the snow on your roof to melt – even if it’s very cold outside. When the melting snow reaches the colder edges of the eaves, it will refreeze, creating an ice dam.

Your gutters could also be part of the problem. If water cannot freely flow from the roof into the downspouts due to clogged gutters, then it will back up onto your roof. Before the winter season begins, you should make sure that your gutters are clear and in good working order.

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Stopping ice dams from forming can dramatically improve your chances of not having to pay for costly roof replacement services. A&A Services Home Improvement can diagnose the primary causes of ice formation on your roof. We have personnel with decades of industry experience, ensuring that your project will be successful. Schedule your free estimate today by calling us at (978) 741-0424 or by filling out our online form.