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Replacement Windows

What is really involved in these two different installation scenarios? One of the main reasons people consider new construction windows is because they are looking at a major brand of window such as Andersen (who require new sills, frame, etc.).  What they don.t know is new construction windows are only available in standard sizes and not custom sizes.  Some people assume that fitting the house to the window is cheaper and more efficient than fitting the window to the house. In most cases, new construction window companies will have to expand or reduce the construction opening to fit the standard size window.  All this carpentry will dramatically drive up the replacement cost in an existing home.

Replacement Windows

So are replacement windows the only way to go? New construction windows aren’t always a bad thing. Some homes may need this type of installation for many reasons. You may need or want to change your interior and exterior trim, there may also be rot on the sills, trim, etc. and they must be replaced. People may also want to expand the window sizes. All of these building techniques add additional cost.

Aren’t new construction windows more energy efficiency? Replacement WindowsNot necessarily. One of the benefits of replacement windows is they are all custom sized to order. They can be sealed very tightly to the edge of the window opening. Believe it or not, custom sizing windows does not drive up the cost of the windows. Custom window manufacturers often only build windows to size, like Sunrise Windows in Michigan. Setting the size each and every time as part of the manufacturing process makes for a cost-effective window.

Does a custom fitted window mean less quality? No way. In most cases replacement windows deliver a more efficient window and a better warranty. If only a few windows in your home need to be replaced chances are replacement windows can be matched to look just like your old windows. If the size the original windows came in is no longer manufactured it can be difficult to find a match with new construction.

Who can you trust to show you the options? Find a local contractor with lots of experience. Responsible contractors install windows at a high quality each and every time. As a contractor it’s our job to expose you to all your options and help you make the right decision for your home. There is nothing worse than discovering after a project is completed that there were other options never shared with you. The author of this blog, A&A Services in Salem, MA; installs Sunrise Windows.