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Natural ventilation in the home brings a lot of advantages from which you can benefit. It reduces energy consumption by circulating air through your door and window openings. The air is circulated either by natural wind forces or temperature changes without the aid of mechanical means. Pressure differences between the inside and outside of your home are induced by wind and air temperature differences, creating natural ventilation in your home. As trusted experts in window replacement, we’re here to help you understand how you can benefit from natural ventilation. Here’s what you need to know.

How Does Natural Ventilation Work? 

Natural ventilation works in a number of ways, but one of the most common ways is by wind-driven ventilation. This type of ventilation arises from different pressures created by the winds around your home. This is achieved by opening windows on both sides of the room, which creates a current of air inside it. When the windows on both sides of the room are open, the overpressure on the exterior side of your home facing the wind and the low pressure on the opposite interior side will create a current of air through the room from the exterior side to the interior side.

Buoyancy-driven ventilation is also popular, and works especially well when warm air rises due to it being less dense than cold air. When this happens, it creates a slight vacuum in your home’s lower levels, which then pulls fresh air in through windows at the ground floor. This creates natural airflow, but the physical process depends on the height difference between the windows that let the cool outdoor air in and the windows that exhaust warm air out.

Night cooling, also known as passive cooling, is more commonly used in commercial buildings, but you can also consider this when you’re planning a  window replacement since it can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by reducing or even eliminating the need for auxiliary cooling. One passive cooling technique used is night purging, where the heat from a building is removed by bringing in cool nighttime air without the use of active HVAC cooling and ventilation.

The Benefits of Natural Ventilation 

Improved air quality – With a natural ventilation system, you can be sure that clean air is flowing throughout your home at all times. This improves your air quality which, in turn, will improve the health of your home’s residents as well as increase indoor comfort.

Reduced costs – Natural ventilation systems rely on natural forces, so you’ll see a big difference in your home’s energy consumption and save more on your monthly utility bills.

Consistency – Consistency refers to how each room is supplied with the right amount of both cool and warm air, with natural ventilation keeping the temperature constant and at a pleasant level.

Reduced carbon emissions – A natural ventilation system in your home also benefits the environment.

Low maintenance – Natural ventilation requires only minimal maintenance. This further reduces costs, as well as saves you time and effort.

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