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Bad Windows

When do you need a window replacement? When your windows start showing signs that they’re in bad condition, of course. Window problems are very simple to diagnose in the sense that when they start to wear down, you’ll clearly see physical signs indicating this. A simple visual inspection can give you an idea if your windows need to be checked out by a professional. A&A Services Home Improvement shares a few things that you’ll need to look out for:

Condensation = Ventilation Issue

Condensation is usually the first sign of a window issue. Check the bottom and the corners of the glass; if you see moisture there, the issue might not be with your window.

Condensation along the bottom or corners of your window means that there’s a ventilation issue somewhere in your home. It could be a draft from leaks around your window frame, or it could also be due to ventilation issues that aren’t connected to the window at all. Don’t try to schedule an immediate window replacement if you see this sign; instead, have it first checked by a professional.

Condensation = Seal Issue

Look for condensation in between the glass panes of your window. (This only applies if you have a window with dual- or triple-pane glass). If you start to see condensation forming between the panes, that’s an indication that your window seals might be wearing off. In other words, air from the outside is getting in through gaps in between the panes and is affecting the energy efficiency of your windows. Get this checked out by a professional right away.

Condensation = Gas Leak

If condensation begins forming on the center of the window glass inside your home, this could be due to the formation of a vacuum in between the panes of glass.

The inside of these glass panes are filled with a gas – usually argon – that helps improve thermal efficiency by forming a pressurized seal of sorts. If the seal gets broken and the gas seeps out, the pressure from outside the window will be greater than that on the inside, which will cause the glass inside your home to bow inwards and possibly even crack. This needs immediate window replacement because the glass is already compromised and can’t be repaired.

Water Leaking

If there’s a leak coming from your window, you’re either dealing with torrential levels of rain or the seal around your window is having an issue. Check the caulking around the window frame, as well as the weatherstripping around the panels. If there doesn’t appear to be an issue with the window, then you may have a bigger leak issue at hand.

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