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So now that summer is over, at least football is on right? Well, that’s not the only thing that’s exiting about autumn. Check out these ideas to make a great fall window box that will survive for a good long while. Time to rip out the Impatiens – and the herbs and other flowers and replace them with some burlier plants. Heartier plants like Mums – and small white peppers (the ones that grow vertically) look awesome and colorful in your planter boxes. Other plants that do well – are Kale and Blue Ridge Juniper. The picture below is a perfect example of a garden hearty enough to stand up to a brisk fall. The picture is from Grafton, MA, right in the heart of New England.Planter Boxes

If you’re set on orange – then go with some mini pumpkins! Growing pumpkins in planters is very easy, require little maintenance, and look awesome and ORANGE (yay fall)! Jack-be-little pumpkins grow well in colder weather. Get your jill-be-little pumpkins here.

Everything looks good except the window the box sits outside of? – What’s wrong with the picture to the right? This window box looks great except the old rotted window makes it look like the flower box came with the house, which is what you don’t want (unless you’re the Addams family). The window above, however, was installed by the author of this blog, A&A Services Home Improvement. We have a manufacturer’s special from Sunrise Windows just for fall. If you get 7 windows installed by us, you get the 8th free!