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Replacement Windows

How is the thinnest portion of your home protected from the elements? Double paned windows provide a valuable layer of protection against the elements. Between the layers of glass is an argon gas that helps block the energy from escaping the home, thereby making the home more energy efficient. Compared to single paned windows, they can offer tremendous energy savings. In addition to the energy savings, double paned windows also tightens up the home as far as sound is concerned, providing a quieter experience when the windows are closed. Some companies such as Sunrise Window even have triple pane windows; some of the most energy efficient windows for any home.

Double Glazed Windows Installed

A&A Services was in the Juniper Point neighborhood of Salem, MA, installing new replacement windows. Our custom made replacement windows brighten up the exterior of the house and present a clean, fresh look. As you can see we replaced these old bay windows with super energy efficient Sunrise Windows. These windows are double glazed, low-e argon gas filled windows. Also, instead of only being able to open up the sides of the window, the windows can now uniformly open and close. These windows carry a lifetime warranty even in an area extremely close to the ocean and the elements. The outside of the window itself is much more rugged, even though the window maintains a very large viewing area.

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