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New Windows

Knowing how cold our Boston area winters can get might have a chilling thought running through your mind: does my home need new windows? How expensive will they be? Is it worth it? In general, if your home needs them, then new windows are going to bring you major benefits, but there are few factors to consider whether the investment is right for your home, right now:

How do I know if the time is right?

When it comes to window replacement, there are some tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time for an upgrade. Broken or inoperable windows can sometimes be repaired, but if you’re looking at repairing major damage from a storm or accident, or have old windows, you might be better off just opting for a replacement. The same goes for giving your home a facelift. A power wash and a fresh coat of paint can do a lot for some, but if your home is older, and your windows are showing dramatic age or warping, it’s likely time for window replacement. Aesthetics aside, perhaps one of the main indicators of your window efficiency is your energy bill: if you’re seeing a steady increase over time, you could have an energy inefficiency issue due to your windows age, quality, or a poor installation. We know, especially now, that there’s a financial consideration to whether timing is right for you, too. Just be sure you’re considering your benefits as you weigh the decision on whether investing now is worth it for you!

What about my return on investment?

On the North Shore, window replacements can cost around $800-$1000 each for a good quality product that is properly installed. Of course, there are lots of factors to consider here such as window type, brand, labor, size, customizations, etc., but by and large, while the total tally can be a little daunting, windows are perhaps one of the best investments you can make to increase the value of your home. On average, home value increases by 75% of your cost, meaning if you spend $10,000, your home value should rise by about $7,500. Add that to your energy bill savings over just a few years, and the windows pay for themselves. Like any major home renovation, quality and installation matter, and that’s where we come in. You can trust we’ll help you make the right decisions and only suggest what you need to get the best bang for your buck. While new windows do come with a pretty significant ROI, that’s still a hefty price tag. It’s a good thing there are significant immediate benefits, too.

What are the immediate benefits of new windows?

If you’ve been keeping up on our blogs (and obviously, we hope you have!), then you’ll remember from our home-ready fall checklist that we mentioned 30% of energy loss in your home is from drafty windows. Our northeast winters are too cold for that nonsense! A&A Services Home Improvement offers Sunrise Vanguard Windows because we believe they are the most affordable and energy-efficient windows on the market. We also take extra care to insulate around the windows to increase their efficiency and save money on your heating and cooling. In addition to the savings on your energy bill, you may be able to take advantage of one of the Massachusetts incentive programs when you opt for these “greener” upgrades in your home. As we mentioned, new windows can do magic for your home’s exterior and better curb-appeal translates into a higher home value. So while windows won’t necessarily pay for themselves on energy savings alone, when combined with potential tax credits and the increase in your home’s market value, your money will definitely be working for you right away.

The bottom line is that overall, yes, windows are one of the smartest investments you can make in your home to improve efficiency, comfort, and value. Even so, it’s a big decision to make with many factors to consider. If you’re experiencing any signs that it’s time to upgrade yours, let us help you. Because we have over 40 years of experience installing windows in our unique climate, you can trust that we’ll give you the best solutions for you and your home, whether that’s a superior window replacement or excellent repair services. Schedule a free estimate with us now!