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Bathroom Windows

The bathroom is a simple place with specific functions. You can groom and style your hair with natural products or indulge your tired muscles in a steamy, relaxing bath infused with essential oils. Either way, you will want to prioritize a quiet isolated time without worrying about privacy or the chances of trapping moisture that can eventually damage your roof or door.

To achieve this, the key is getting the windows right. Since no two homes are ever the same,your window replacement must reflect your own architectural preferences and creative sensibilities without sacrificing its functionality. Before you say goodbye to drafty bathroom windows, check out these daylight-friendly and energy-efficient ideas for inspiration.

Crank Windows for Energy-Efficiency

Crank windows like awning and casement windows are the ideal options for the bathroom space. These windows are airtight and allow minimal heat loss because of the compression seal surrounding the sash. The chance of moisture buildup in the room is significantly reduced because of the ability of crank windows to be opened with a hinge. These ventilation benefits make it a good choice even for different rooms in the home.

Enhancing Windows with Textured Glass

For an area where privacy is key, a textured glass works incredibly well. This type of windows has high opacity, making it ideal for owners who are not keen on windows above their head level or on the ceiling, but does not block out the natural sunlight you want to let inside during grooming activities. You can consider getting a double-hung window replacement with translucent glass or apply a window film to achieve a frosted look for a temporary solution.

Upgrade Your Sliding Windows

The slider window is another popular choice for bathrooms because it’s operable like casement windows, making it easier to let out steam. However, since some spaces can be prone to freezing during cold temperatures, you can upgrade it with Low-E coating to minimize ice buildup. Better yet, consider getting new windows that are ENERGY STAR® certified to ensure that your energy needs are met.

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