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We absolutely love old homes, old buildings, and the North Shore’s craftsman-style homes. They were built to last – and longevity is a key value A&A Services shares. Our 40 years of remodeling homes across the North Shore have made us experts in quality installation.

The homes built in and around Salem, Boston’s North Shore, and across New England took our climate into account during construction. While it’s common enough to see siding made from fiber cement, aluminum, and cedar, the leading choice for siding replacement in our geographical area is tried-and-true: quality vinyl siding. We’ll examine the benefits of choosing quality vinyl siding by A&A Services for protecting your home in rainy New England.

Low-maintenance vinyl siding

In our opinion, one of the most important benefits of choosing vinyl siding is the low level of maintenance required to keep the siding looking fresh. Natural products like cedar planks and cedar siding require routine attention and replacement as they age and are prone to separation or warping from the elements. A&A Services uses CertainTeed siding products. Vinyl siding gives you the look of natural materials but is designed to withstand nature for longer than other products, and in the event it must be replaced, the process tends to be easier.

Cleaning vinyl siding is also a breeze! The surface of these polymers can be cleaned the same way you clean your car — soap, water, and a bit of elbow grease (we also recommend a hose!) are all you’ll need to keep quality vinyl siding looking as good as the day it was installed. See our before and after gallery here.

Vinyl siding and wind resistance

Quality vinyl siding will also help keep the wind from damaging your home. If poorly installed by an unqualified contractor, subpar vinyl products or even high-quality products (if poorly installed by an unqualified contractor) can break down or fade poorly under the harshest Massachusetts weather conditions. Our product partners offer materials that imbue homes with greater wind, rain, and heat resistance. Natural materials or lower-quality polymers simply do not compete. CertainTeed Vinyl Siding is tried and tested by customers all over Boston’s North Shore, and the results speak for themselves.

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Weatherproofing your home with vinyl siding

New England is famous for a few things: steepled homes, the Mayflower landing — and the rainy weather! If you’re considering replacing the siding on your home, choose a product that protects you from the climate and make sure you’re hiring a qualified installer. Properly installed vinyl siding sheds mold and mildew growth, also making it difficult for unwanted pests to make your vinyl siding their home. CertainTeed Vinyl Siding can be seen on homes all around the North Shore, many of which were likely done by the talented installation teams at A&A Services.

Vinyl Siding Style Choices

Vinyl siding has a massive combination of colors and styles to choose from. CertainTeed is the leading manufacturer of vinyl siding for a good reason: they offer styles and colors that can be mixed and matched while complementing each other and enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

We offer a range of styles, like Cedar Impressions® and Monogram® Vinyl Siding, that suit the style of home typically found in our area in colors that will make your house stand out. Our Master Craftsmen are prepared to help you make a decision that will make you fall in love with the look of your home repeatedly. Make sure you check out our other blog that dives deeper into what CertainTeed Vinyl Siding has to offer: All About CertainTeed Siding.

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Siding replacement in Salem

At A&A Services Home Improvement, we prep and protect your home before we get to work. Since 1982, we’ve provided superior service to our friends and neighbors across Boston’s North Shore. After 40 years of exterior home renovations, we know what we’re talking about. Our reviews and certifications have encouraged countless customers to choose A&A Services for all their siding, roofing, and window needs.

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A&A Services Service Area

We’re proud to be a staple of our community. We’re based in Salem, MA, but provide siding replacement services to Gloucester, Essex, Lynnfield, Saugus, Reading, Middleton, Woburn, and dozens of other towns and cities in and around Boston’s North Shore. From Swampscott to Bedford, we’ve helped people like you rediscover the beauty of their homes.

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