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Nowadays, most siding materials are incredibly durable and able to withstand almost anything  thrown at them. In fact, vinyl siding is touted as one of the strongest and longest-lasting materials that you can find on the market. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s impervious to other kinds of damage. According to siding repair pros, vinyl siding can actually melt if a barbeque grill is placed too close to it. Luckily, there are ways to prevent this from happening.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to prevent your siding from being melted by the heat from your barbeque grill.


Use a 4×8 Panel of Fireproof Drywall

One way you can prevent the vinyl siding behind your barbeque grill from melting  is by using a 4×8 section of fireproof drywall. Simply purchase a panel from your local lumberyard and securely place it against the side of your house between the siding and your grill, and  your vinyl siding should be protected from melting. To prevent the drywall from falling, keep the bottom of the panel at least two feet  away from the side of the house if needed.

Use a 4×8 Plywood Panel, Floor Tiling Glue and Ceramic Tiles

Alternatively, if you think fireproof drywall won’t properly protect your vinyl siding, you can also purchase a 4×8 plywood panel, floor tiling glue and ceramic tiles instead. Once you have everything you need, apply the glue to one side of the panel and place the ceramic tiles over it to cover the entire surface. This is because siding repair experts say that the ceramic will absorb the heat, preventing your siding from melting even further.

Move the Grill

On the other hand, if possible you might also spend a few minutes around the back of your house looking for a different place to put your grill. If you do find such a location, the professionals recommend positioning your grill far away from your home and other buildings to prevent it from causing any damage.

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