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Vinyl siding has fewer maintenance needs than other types of siding. However, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. Like any kind of siding, the surface of vinyl siding can still accumulate several kinds of stains, such as grime, animal droppings, and in serious cases, mold.

What’s the proper way of maintaining vinyl siding? The siding repair contractors at A&A Services list the dos and don’ts of vinyl siding maintenance in this post.

Maintenance Dos

  • Clean your vinyl siding at least once a week – Your vinyl siding should be cleaned at least once a week. Otherwise, stubborn stains could form on the surface of your siding, making siding maintenance harder and more time-consuming.

  • Use a mild cleaning solution – It’s best to use a mild cleaning solution made using warm water, laundry soap or trisodium phosphate substitute. If you need to use a stronger cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains, consult the manufacturer’s manual to find out which chemicals can damage vinyl siding.

  • Use the right equipment and tools – Wear closed-toe shoes with slip-resistant soles to reduce the risk of accidental slips and rubber gloves to prevent harsh chemicals in cleaning solutions from coming into contact with your skin, and eye goggles to protect your eyes from splatters.

Maintenance Don’ts 

  • Avoid using cleaners containing organic solvents, grease or nail polish removers, and undiluted chlorine bleach and abrasive cleaning tools – In general, you should check the label of a commercial cleaner for the aforementioned chemicals and avoid using steel wool, which could scratch vinyl siding.
  • Don’t ignore signs of damage – If you notice cracks forming on vinyl siding, have a contractor inspect your exterior as soon as possible. The sooner a contractor can conduct siding repair, the better.

One more thing: Keep in mind that maintenance can only do so much. If your vinyl siding is starting to look a bit worn, you might want to start planning a siding replacement.

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