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CetrainTeed Siding

If you are looking for a top-rated vinyl siding with beautiful style options that can withstand New England’s unique climate, CertainTeed is the way to go. It is universally and well-loved by homeowners and siding professionals all across the country for its quality, durability, and variety of available looks. Buyers of this vinyl siding will have plenty of styles and colors to choose from, and as a certified Five-Star CertainTeed Contractor, A&A Services is Salem’s top choice for installing this brand on Boston’s North Shore.

How Much Does CertainTeed Siding Cost?

To put it simply, CertainTeed vinyl siding is a well-priced, high-quality product that represents an ideal choice for those who want a beautiful look and are more conscious about their budget.  Costs are based on the product line selected and the choices you make with trim and shingle style. Our goal, as a company, is to help you cover all your options available based on your home style.  No heavy-handed sales tactics and a thorough estimate to educate you on how to look for quality workmanship.

In order to get a more accurate idea of the total price of your project, you would have to factor in the cost of installation. Installation prices vary depending on several different factors such as the size and architecture of your home. Call us to get a quote!

Our Favorite Kinds of CertainTeed Siding

Cedar Impressions Siding: Available in eight styles and 44 colors, the Cedar Impressions line gives homeowners the beauty of real cedar with the durability and lifespan of polymer shingles. If you want your home to have a beautifully carpentered, custom appearance, this is the line for you.

Monogram Siding: available in three different styles and has the most color options out of all the listed siding choices. This particular siding leads the industry in color options with thirty-nine different colors to choose from. The ¾” panel projection gives the siding rigidity and allows for the panels to lay straight on the wall — this makes for very aesthetic shadow lines. The CertiLock system locks the panels in place easily and guarantees security.

Is CertainTeed an Environmentally Friendly Siding?

Compared to other popular siding options, vinyl siding is better for the environment. Environmental sustainability is prioritized at CertainTeed and customers are provided with a self-reporting tool to keep them informed about the environmental impact that vinyl siding has. Nationwide, CertainTeed has partnered with over 200 vinyl recycling centers for disposal. This prevents vinyl siding from being burned and consequently releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.

Book Your Free Siding Estimate Today!

CertainTeed is a highly rated brand that ensures the quality of its siding. It is trusted by many homeowners, contractors, and professionals nationwide. The installation is fast and secure and there are countless different options and styles to choose from. A&A Services, Inc. is a CertainTeed Five Star Contractor – contact us today to book your free estimate for your siding project!