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Upon publishing a blog called “Top 10 Home Improvement Projects to improve resale value”, we were so impressed with the product listed at #1 that we knew we had to install it ourselves. We at A&A Services have been installing vinyl siding for more than 20 years and are now proud to announce that we are certified to install Fiber Cement Siding; the number one resale value project in America.

Return on Investment

Which product will give you more return on investment according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report than Windows? More resale value than a bathroom remodel? More Economic appeal than a new grand entrance to the home? Fiber Cement Siding can. This stuff is like armor plating for your home. Fiber Cement is also non-combustible, made out of cement, wood fibers, and recycled charcoal, this adds huge value of added safety to your home.

Real Look of Wood Grain

Although Vinyl Siding has come a tremendous way as far as the real look and feel of wood, fiber cement siding takes it to a whole new level. Financial return starts at the curb. “Realtors report that homes that lack curb appeal are frequently considered brive-bys…prospects don’t even get out of the car to see what’s inside. Look at your home’s exterior and see where your eye goes. That’s where the investment dollars should flow.” (CertainTeed) With Fiber Cement Siding, the trim does not have to be vinyl. It can be wood or AZEK. Also, much of Fiber Cement siding is made from recycled material, it is made out of over 30% recycled material, and the CertainTeed factory is one of the most sustainable in the industry. Around Boston and Interested in a Fiber Cement Siding Estimate? Call A&A Services, 115 North St. Salem MA, 01970