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Replacing your current siding is a great home improvement project to tackle this spring. With new siding, you improve your home’s curb appeal and aesthetics, as well as bolster your home’s defense against the elements. To ensure the project’s success, however, you need to properly plan for it.

As a leading siding replacement and roof repair contractor, A&A Services recommends preparing your home for this major home upgrade. Read on for some tips:

1. Clean the potential work zone.

Before the pros proceed with the installation, make sure that there aren’t obstructions that might get in the way and cause unnecessary delays. Relocate lawn chairs, tables, plant boxes, and other outdoor furniture away from the potential work zone. Trim overhanging branches of trees surrounding your property as these can also cause disruptions in the replacement process.

2. Secure interior fixtures.

Prepare your home interior once you’re done outside. Make sure to remove hanging artwork or picture frames—these can easily get knocked from your wall because of the strong vibrations from the installation. Fragile decor must be secured, as well. Shelves and other large furniture must be moved away from the walls to prevent them from getting damaged.

3. Don’t forget the flashings.

Just like in roof repair projects, a siding replacement also requires flashings. These components keep the most vulnerable parts of the siding from accruing water damage. Aluminum trim coils are one material that you can use as these shed water rather than absorb it.

4. Work with a reputable contractor.

An expert siding contractor like A&A Services Home Improvement fully understands everything that goes into a siding replacement project. When you turn to us, we will assist you in preparing the inside and outside of your home before the installation. We also take extra measures to protect your property; it’s our way to ensure a hassle-free, enjoyable home improvement experience possible.

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