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Any home improvement project requires making big decisions. If you’re planning to install a new siding for your home, you will need to settle on many options like whether you want a warm, cozy exterior with brown and dark moss shades or a bright lemon siding with blonde trims. Besides the aesthetics, water-resistance and ease of installation are other few common concerns when choosing the house siding. 

To make all of this possible, you have to find the perfect siding contractor who can understand your style and deliver functional needs first. Siding repair expert A&A Services Home Improvement lists down important questions to ask a contractor to help guide you through the process.

1. “Can you provide me copies of your business license and insurance?”

Before hiring any type of contractor, make sure that they run a legitimate business first. Instances of fraudulent installers taking advantage of misguided homeowners are not uncommon, so it’s necessary to confirm the existence of the contractor’s license to protect yourself from inefficient and hasty jobs.

During a consultation, also inquire about the insurance coverage of their employees who will work on your home. This is to protect you from any liability in the unfortunate event of an accident.

2. “Do you have references?”

Asking for references or portfolios of completed siding projects is optional. However, if you want to verify the contractor’s ability to deliver great results, having a brief inspection through images can be helpful. You will also know if the contractor has already done similar siding repair or replacement work to yours which can boost your confidence in the overall project.

3. “Does your estimate include all costs?”

The initial estimate should mainly include cost estimates for labor, materials, and permits. If your contractor decides on the need for repairs or added insulation during the remodeling process, that initial estimate may increase substantially. Make sure to talk with your contractor beforehand regarding how you will go about unforeseen cases such as those.

4. “How long will it take to complete the project?”

Be clear with your expected timeline before any siding removal takes place. Your contractor will have to confirm the feasibility of the project and how long it will take to complete it. Going with a reputable company will protect you from the stress of an incomplete home renovation.

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