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When you wake up to the jovial songs of morning and saunter out to grab the paper with your cup of joe in hand, the last thing you want to see when you greet the day is a shingle – or several – in your yard. While it’s possible that last night’s blustery winds blew some scrappy pieces of your neighbors’ roof onto your lawn, let’s be real. It’s probably yours. Blow-offs can be common problems for homeowners, particularly in the fall/winter when big temperature swings and strong winds are frequent, or in the spring and summer when storms bring high winds, rain and hail damage to your roof.

When shingles are installed, they lay flat, sealing to one another to protect your roof. When they become brittle and begin to curl at the edges, lose their seal, or loosen from aging and weather events, winds that travel up your roof can blow them off.

So how do you keep them where they belong? Well, let’s start at the very beginning with proper installation and quality materials. When the roof is installed, it should be on solid wood decking, with a good underlayment and attached as recommended by the manufacturer. Take away any single element from this trifecta and you’re left with a recipe for shingle a-la-road. A good quality shingle, installed properly, will reduce or eliminate the chance for blow-offs significantly.

But it’s just one shingle. Why does it matter? Because it really is what’s inside that counts. Or rather, what’s underneath. A solid underlayment and roof deck are vital to maintaining a roof that’s structurally sound. The shingles are what shield these important layers from the elements and a missing one is like a small tear in your garbage can liner. It might not be a big deal at first, but when there’s more force or stress on the bag, that tear will likely lead to a pretty rotten situation that could have been avoided with a little care and attention.

What can you do? See if you can find where they came from on your roof. North-facing sections tend to be more vulnerable, as well as the edges and just below your ridge lines. If you spot any that are cracked, broken or curling, or loose, let A&A Services help you come up with a plan. You may not have a real problem now, but missing or damaged shingles are a sure sign of more damage ahead. Luckily, when you catch them early, a proactive fix might delay a costly repair or replacement.

Owning a home doesn’t have to be difficult, and we’re here to help. Like anything, proper care and maintenance go a long way. For more tips on keeping your roof in tip-top shape, check out our recent blog post on “How Do I Inspect My Roof?”

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