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House Wrap

House wrap can act as either a moisture or wind barrier depending on the installation. It also provides a radiant barrier that aids in reducing heating and cooling costs by providing additional insulation.

Here’s what you need to know about house wrap from a trusted provider of siding replacement and roof repair services.

How Do You Know if Your Home Needs a House Wrap?

Your contractor can usually determine if house wrap installation is necessary. Keep in mind that improper use of it can negatively affect your home’s ventilation and even cause mold growth. Your location and climate are important factors in determining the need for house wrap. For instance, you may only need a moisture barrier on one side of your home if you’re situated in a cold climate. Vapor barriers and house wraps are usually mentioned in local building codes.

House Wrap and Your Home’s Ventilation

Some builders think that most of a home’s ventilation comes from air leaks instead of diffusion. This means that your home can be “too tight” if your existing ventilation system isn’t working properly. Other professionals believe that homes need to breathe to prevent this from happening.

However, many experts in green building argue that homes can’t be over-sealed. There are only two kinds of homes that exist: those which are properly ventilated and those that aren’t. You’ll know you have a poorly-ventilated home if cooking odors linger for hours after you’re done cooking. At A&A Services Home Improvement, our siding experts can help you determine the best solutions for your home. We’re here for all your siding installation and roof repair needs.

House Wraps and Types of Siding

Water infiltration can occur with almost any kind of siding, but some types are more prone to it than others. Wood siding can benefit from house wrap barriers because they have many seams where boards overlap. It’s also a good idea to install them under aluminum or vinyl siding since water can penetrate through cracks where the pieces are joined. Meanwhile, brick, stucco and other masonry-based siding require the right kind of house wrap. Using a micro-porous house wrap behind masonry can bring moisture into the wall cavities.

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