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Vinyl Window

Vinyl is one of the most popular window options available on the market today. “Energy efficient”, “low maintenance” and “affordable” are just some of the adjectives that best describe the appeal of this material to many homeowners.

However, vinyl is a synthetic polymer with a chemical composition that can be manipulated to alter its mechanical properties. In other words, the quality of this plastic is not always the same. Any honest siding repair and window replacement contractor will admit that the quality of vinyl can vary.

Today, A&A Services Home Improvement talks about what you should consider when sizing up vinyl windows.


The best vinyl windows have fusion-welded corners. Some manufacturers mechanically fasten their vinyl frames, but such a method doesn’t stop water leakage or air infiltration. Brands like Sunrise Windows that adopt fusion welding ensure window longevity.

Safety and Durability Ratings

It can be difficult to assess the safety and durability of a window based on face value. Trustworthy window companies let third parties like the American Architectural Manufacturers Association certify their products to gain the confidence of homeowners.


Vinyl can be susceptible to fading, which is why many window manufacturers use certain compounds to protect the material from the destructive effects of the sun. When shopping for vinyl windows, ask which kind of color preservation was used to determine how long  discoloration of the material can be prevented.

Heat Resistance

Any reputable window and siding repair contractor will agree that melting can be a concern with low-quality vinyl. Select vinyl windows that will stay in good condition when exposed to high temperatures.


Warranties are your insurance against defects. Read the fine print to verify that what was told to you is written out in black and white. This way you won’t be left high and dry in the event that the products you bought aren’t as good as advertised.

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