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Freezing temperatures, harsh weather and winter snow can be hard on your home. While exterior doors are made to provide protection against these elements, they can occasionally experience issues in the winter.

Learn about some common door problems that can occur in the winter from a trusted door and roof replacement expert, A&A Services Home Improvement.

Loose Screws

Screws can become loose from your door during the winter due to humidity and temperature changes. Loose screws can cause doors to sag and not fit properly within the frame. They can also make the door stick against the frame.

Door Binds in the Upper Corner

Doors bind in the upper corner of the jam when they pull down at an angle from the top corner. Your door can expand and contract as the weather changes, causing it to get stuck. This is a common problem with authentic wood entry doors.

Fading Due to the Elements

Exposure to cold, wet winter weather not only increases the risk of damage to your entry door, it may also negatively affect its appearance, as moisture can cause your door to fade. At A&A Services Home Improvement, we only work with leading manufacturers from the industry. The doors we install not only withstand harsh weather conditions, but also come with numerous other benefits like a lifetime guarantee and various options to choose from for color, style, material and more. Whether you need a door or roof replacement, you can count on us.

Door Won’t Close

Drafty doors can contribute up to 11 percent in lost energy in your home. A door that won’t close fully likely doesn’t fit properly within the frame. It could be standing vertically or leaning toward the left or right side.

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