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Window Installation

When buying windows, the replacement units have to work well in the rooms you’re putting them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make the most of your space. Understanding the components and features of each window design will enable you to compare products properly and avoid regrettable mistakes. In this post, A&A Services Home Improvement talks about which window styles work best in certain rooms.

The Living Room

Generally, the living room is the biggest room in the house. For this reason, its walls are typically big enough to accept large window units.

When planning your window replacement, you should strongly consider picture windows for your living room, as well as bay and bow windows. For the side of your room that faces the street, you should choose a quintessential window style that fits with your house’s architecture for historical accuracy.

The Kitchen

If there’s one space that requires daylight and ventilation the most, it’s the kitchen. This hard-working room can always use plenty of operating windows.

Then again, any window replacement expert will attest that you should also think of the adjacent outdoor space. If your kitchen window overlooks the deck, a sliding window can make a smart transitional fixture. On the other hand, if it’s positioned facing an open backyard with little foot traffic, you can go with an outswing unit.

The Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom needs proper lighting and adequate ventilation so that you can quickly spot hazards and get rid of excess moisture after your bath or shower. Not to mention, this room also needs plenty of privacy.

The best window you can use in the bathroom is a sliding window. This unit is wider than it is tall, and can be installed higher up the wall to keep home occupants out of view while still allowing in plenty of sunlight. Although a pair of sliding units render only 50% of the opening available, it still allows for top-to-bottom ventilation.

The Bedroom

To meet egress requirements, the casement window is your safest bet for the bedroom. As a single panel that swings outward, it provides a convenient escape route in the event of an emergency.

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