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Siding & Trim

Exterior home renovation projects can get tricky for some homeowners. After all, one false move could leave your home looking unsightly and unappealing in terms of aesthetics. According to siding repair pros, a common mistake that homeowners often make is not knowing exactly what color they want their siding and trim to be, leading them to choose colors that don’t match.

In this post, A&A Services provides tips and tricks on how to choose siding and trim that complement each other.

Look at the Home Style

If you’re having difficulty deciding on colors for your siding and trim, one method that experts often recommend to make things easier is to base your choice on the style of your home. For instance, as modern-style homes often favor simplicity, color combinations such as Brown and Yellowstone are a great option. For suburban-style homes, on the other hand, a color combination of Red and White would work well.

Choose Colors You Like

Your siding repair and replacement expert may suggest colors that suit your home, but at the end of the day, it’s just a suggestion. The final decision as to what color your siding and trim will be falls to you. With that in mind, be sure to choose colors you like instead of making a decision based solely on recommendations, and you’ll be all the more satisfied with the final result in the end.

Unusual Combinations

While some may say that it’s best to keep unique color combinations to a minimum, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should never use them. With that in mind, don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and mix them around a bit to see which ones you think will best suit your home. If you’re finding it difficult to visualize the unique combinations you’re thinking of, home design tools are always available online for you to use that will help you see how the color will look on your home.

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