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Attic Ventilation

Your attic’s ventilation is one of those things you don’t usually think about. However, it plays an important role in your home. Having an adequate amount of ventilation can help ensure the health and performance of your roof. It can also have a positive effect on your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

Today, A&A Services Home Improvement, your local roofing and window replacement pros, explain the importance of attic ventilation in helping preserve and even extend the life span of your roofing system.

The Process Behind Adequate Attic Ventilation

Residential roofing systems have a balanced system of vents—one along the soffits to let air in (intake) and another along the roof ridge to let air out (exhaust). This setup allows for the continuous circulation of air throughout the roof and attic. Cool outdoor air gets drawn in through the intake vents, while warm, humid air rises toward the exhaust vents located on the highest point of the roof.

Why Need Proper Attic Ventilation?

Proper ventilation prevents heat and moisture buildup in the attic which can otherwise cause problems to your roofing system. According to roofing and window replacement pros, various issues may arise depending on the climate.

As the sun heats the surface of the roof during hot weather, the attic’s temperature can also increase. Excessive exposure can lead to the shingles’ premature aging and the roof sheathing’s warping. Additionally, the lack of adequate insulation in the attic makes it more difficult to keep your home’s interior comfortable, resulting in high energy bills.

During winter, ice dams are likely to occur because of a lack of attic ventilation. Warm air from inside your home rises to your roof deck’s underside, which then melts the accumulated snow on your rooftop. As water runoff reaches the roof’s cold outer edge, it turns into ice that grows bigger along the eaves. With nowhere to go, water backs up and seeps to your roof’s shingles and other components, causing moisture damage.

At A&A Services Home Improvement, we perform a thorough roof inspection to find small problems before they become worse. Our expert roofing pros can detect and identify if you have inadequate attic ventilation, which manifests themselves in different ways. We perform fixes accordingly or recommend a replacement depending on the roof’s condition.

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