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On average, a good window can last anywhere from 15-20 years before needing a window replacement. In reality, however, homeowners typically replace windows far before their usual life span. This is because there are a lot of factors that ultimately determine the longevity of a window, including weather conditions, maintenance, usage and even the material of the frames and glass themselves.

There are bad practices which some homeowners follow that can really shorten the life span of residential windows. Let our window specialists at A&A Services Home Improvement share with you a few of the things you should never do to your windows.

Physical Damage

The most common problem that requires window replacement solutions is physical damage to the window itself. This often happens when you’re using a pressure washer to clean the siding around your windows. If possible, hand-wash the area surrounding the windows to avoid any accidental breakage.

Condensation Problems

Most homeowners draw their curtains or drapes closed without really thinking about it. However, this can be particularly problematic during the colder months, when the window coverings trap heat between themselves and the glass, leading to condensation. You can prevent this problem by keeping your drapes open for as long as possible and closing them only when necessary.

No Maintenance

Performing zero maintenance is the worst way to prevent premature window replacement. Talk to your local exterior renovation and services provider about regular maintenance programs that include inspection and repair services for windows. This will allow you to spot problems before they get worse, and maybe even prevent a couple of them from occurring altogether.

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