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Roof Sagging

Take several steps away from your doorway and stand in front of your house to get a wide-ranging view. If you see warped sections—be it unevenness in shingles or lowered deck—on the surface of the roof, then you might be dealing with an unfortunate case of roof sagging. 

There are many reasons why roofs sag in the first place, but all boils down to insufficient structural support. It’s an alarming case for sure, but although it requires immediate call for repairs or roof replacement, it’s not a total lost cause. Just make sure that necessary preventative steps are taken in the future.

Weak Structural Components Allow Water Damage

Blocked and poorly installed gutters can also bring about a number of water issues. If water isn’t funneled away from your home’s premises, it can disrupt the soil and wreak havoc on the building’s foundation. Another scenario is it allows water to seep through the gaps in the roof, causing wood-based materials to rot and eventually decay.

Poor attic ventilation also speeds up the deterioration of your roof because of moisture buildup, directly leading water problems to pervade the underside of the roofing system.

To prevent roof sagging and untimely roof replacement, the most efficient way is to fix weakness in structural components and improve ventilation in every part of the house.

Excess Weight From Rainfall and Snow

Roofs are established to block out severe weather elements that can potentially harm your home. In the events of heavy rainfalls and snowstorms, your roof undoubtedly takes a beating. If not properly inspected and cleaned up, the possibilities of ice build and ponding water can take a toll on your roof by doubling the weight on the surface, easily causing water damages. Roof leaks and growth of molds are two consequences you definitely need to avoid since they significantly weaken the roof’s underlying structure.

For the roof not to become susceptible to sagging after bearing the results of major weather events, make sure that it has sound design structure and can hold more than its own weight. Additionally, follow a periodic maintenance procedure to optimize the service life of your roof.

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