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Shingle Application

In our previous article, we spoke of the challenges roofers often face when installing new shingles during hot weather. However, the aforementioned challenges aren’t the only ones roofers have to think about. Since hot weather shingle application is a delicate task, there are a few dos and don’ts roofers have to follow in order to ensure the new roof is installed properly.

In this post, roof repair experts from A&A Services Home Improvement discuss the dos and don’ts of applying new shingles during hot weather that it’s important for roofers to remember.

Do: Cool the Shingle Surface

In our previous article, we spoke of how the coating on new asphalt shingle roofs softens under direct sunlight, which can cause scuffing and potentially be hazardous for your roofer. To get around this issue, cold water from a garden hose can be used to cool the surface of the shingles, which helps facilitate bond separation and makes working on the roof easier and less dangerous.

Don’t: Forget to Hydrate

As the temperature rises, roofers tend sweat at a faster rate due to the heat. While most roofers bring their own water, it couldn’t hurt to keep a cooler of water bottles close at hand so they can re-hydrate frequently, which will aid in preventing dehydration and heat stroke as they’re working.

Do: Use Roofing Pads

During the roof repair or replacement project, a roofing work pad or shingle pad can give the roofers additional traction. In addition to keeping them from sliding down steep roofs, it will also help them avoid getting burned by the hot shingles as they’re kneeling to install them during hot weather application.

Don’t: Prevent Sticking 

Before installation, new shingle bundles will likely lay in a bundle in the sun for a time. Upon removing these shingles from the bundle, they should be spread on the roof with the self-sealing dots facing upwards until they’re ready to be used. That way, they won’t stick to the existing roof or the freshly installed shingles.

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