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Shingle Application

Summer is a season when most homeowners have more time on their hands. While some prefer to take their families on vacation, there are also those who choose to stay at home. Other homeowners may even decide that summer is the best time for a roof replacement project. What they often don’t understand, however, is that applying new shingles in hot weather can pose difficult challenges for the roofers.

In this two-part blog, A&A Services Home Improvement discusses the challenges that roofers regularly face when installing asphalt shingles during hot weather.

Difficult Weather

If the weather forecast is predicting that the day is going to be hot and sunny, it can be a challenge for your roofers to continue work during peak hours. To minimize any safety risks and enable them to work more comfortably, make sure your roofers start the installation of your shingles early in the day, before the day’s temperature is at its hottest.

Softening Asphalt Shingle Coating

If you’re using asphalt shingles for your roof replacement project, the coating that’s applied to the material can soften slightly when exposed to direct sunlight. This makes the shingles more susceptible to scuffing from foot traffic and roof work, which can affect the lifespan of your new shingles. To minimize scuffing, consider giving the shingles and the overall temperature time to cool down before having your roofers continue with their work.


Before your asphalt shingles can be applied, they’ll need to be delivered to your home a few days before the project commences. While these shingles are designed to withstand exposure to the hot summer sun, this feature will only take effect upon installation on your roof. With this in mind, avoid storing the products in direct sunlight to prevent them from sticking to one another in the package.

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