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There’s a reason why asphalt roof shingles are the most popular type of roofing material among homeowners: they’re cost-effective, easy-to-install and come with extensive warranties. Asphalt roof shingles come in two types—fiberglass and organic-mat. But how do you know which one is right for your home?

A&A Services Home Improvement, a top roof replacement contractor in the state, lists the pros and cons of each below.

Fiberglass Roof Shingles

If your home is in an area with a hot, dry climate, fiberglass roof shingles are the better option. Thanks to their fire-resistant composition, fiberglass shingles are better able to handle extreme heat. Plus, they’re lighter than organic-mat roof shingles, which means they’re easy to install and suitable for most homes.

Eco-conscious homeowners will be glad to know that fiberglass roof shingles are also eco-friendly. They’re lighter because they don’t contain as much asphalt, the production of which releases a fair amount of carbon into the atmosphere. By installing fiberglass roof shingles, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Organic-Mat Shingles

However, because they don’t contain as much asphalt, fiberglass shingles don’t do too well in cold, harsh climates. In these areas, an organic-mat asphalt roof replacement would be a better choice. These shingles contain more asphalt and are therefore better equipped to handle extreme cold. And thanks to this added protection, organic-mat shingles usually last longer than fiberglass roof shingles.

However, not all asphalt shingles are of the same quality. To make sure the durability of your new roof isn’t compromised, only buy shingles from reputable manufacturers, and have an experienced contractor install them.

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