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Insufficient roof ventilation can lead to numerous issues, not only with your roofing system but also the rest of your home. When choosing and installing a roof vent, you need to consider your area’s climate, the airflow in your home and the size of the house, as well as local codes.

A trusted roof and window replacement expert shares about the different types of roof vents in this blog.

Soffit Vents

Soffit vents, usually aluminum or vinyl, are installed under the roof’s overhang, and come in various styles. These vents are barely noticeable from afar, and offer superior protection against weather extremes, pests, dust, debris and other outdoor elements. Soffit vents improve airflow in summer and offer protection against moisture and ice dams during the winter.

Wind Turbine Vents

Wind turbine vents are also known as Whirlybird vents. This powerful vent offers more airflow than other types of vents. They don’t have motors, solely relying on the wind. The moving parts of the vent remove hot, humid air from the attic as the wind blows.

Ridge Vents

The most efficient way to protect your roofing system is by combining ridge and soffit vents. Ridge vents allow for even temperature distribution. Roofers install them through the length of the roof’s horizontal ridge. They can also increase your home’s appeal as they blended in with the roofline. Ridge vents don’t depend on the flow of the wind, so they stay efficient no matter the weather or season. Installing them on your roof can delay signs of roof aging. For quality window replacement and long-lasting roofing systems, you can count on A&A Services Home Improvement.

Gable Vents

Gable vents act as intake and exhaust vents. Professionals install them on the exterior wall of the house near the roof ridge. These vents require strong winds to perform efficiently. They improve airflow and prevent moisture penetration in the attic. However, some experts don’t recommend these vents for areas that experience a lot of rain.

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