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Now and then, you come across an ad showcasing a company’s corporate citizenship award. But are these awards relevant to you as a consumer and a homeowner? A&A Services Home Improvement, a top window replacement contractor in the state, elaborates below. 

Not All Awards Come From Reputable Organizations 

First off, any reputable organization that hands out corporate citizenship awards should publish the criteria used to determine the recipients of the award. After all, customers wouldn’t want to be misled by deceptive ads. A lack of transparency around the said criteria is a red flag. 

Take for example Corporate Responsibility Magazine: the magazine publishes a list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. Included in its criteria are employee relations and the company’s impact on stakeholders and society. 

Employee Relations 

Arguably, when you take a look at any of these awards, there’s one thing you should look for—any criterion related to how a company treats its employees. After all, if you encounter any problems with a product, employees will be the ones handling your concerns.  

More than just customer service, however, there’s a strong chance how a company treats its employees will affect the quality of the product. Yes, it is true that manufacturing processes have been automated. But remember that the handling of the packages right down to its delivery is still handled by employees. Disgruntled employees are less likely to handle the package with care and may even end up damaging it. 

If you happen to be looking for a window replacement or a new roof, you’ll be glad to know that Owens Corning® ranked first in Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens. 

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