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When identifying the root cause of roof leaks, it’s important to know that certain areas of the roof are more susceptible to damage than others. Depending on your roof’s age, local weather conditions and how well you’ve followed a regular inspection and maintenance schedule, your roof may develop leaks in these damage-prone areas.

As your local roof replacement pros, we know it’s important to keep a close watch on these components of your roofing system:


Roof leaks often originate around chimneys, which have multiple flashings that must be properly installed and maintained to ensure moisture can’t seep into your home’s interior. If you live in an old home that has a chimney, you have a fair chance of running into this problem, so it’s important to seek a roofer’s aid for a thorough inspection and regular maintenance.

Roof Surface

Leaks can occur when an extreme weather event damages or blows off one or more shingles, exposing the roof’s secondary layers. As a result, water can seep through the underlayment and deck sheathing over time. Not addressing this issue immediately can lead to further problems that may be too costly to repair. If leaks of this nature are a recurring problem, your roofer will likely recommend a roof replacement.


Roof valleys are also areas where leaks tend to manifest because they catch water flowing down two roof planes. Valleys are protected by flashing, but these strips of metal aren’t always enough to guard against leaks. If, for instance, they were improperly installed or are in poor shape from general wear and tear, you can expect leaks to appear in your roof valleys in the near future.


Too many leaves and debris in your gutters can lead to clogs, as well as damage the material supporting your roof. This fall, make sure to thoroughly clean your gutter system so it can perform well this the winter.

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