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Sliding Doors

Older patio doors are bulky and tend to get stuck in their track as you try to to open and close them. Since the frames of these doors are big and blocky, some worry that sliding doors can affect the appeal and value of their home. All of these points have left a lasting impression on homeowners, and as a result some believe that sliding doors should be avoided.

In this post, a trusted provider of door installation and siding repair services debunks common myths about sliding patio doors.

Sliding Door Panels Are Hard to Operate

Thanks to advancements in hardware design and engineering, modern sliding doors are now much easier to slide. Outdated sliding doors usually just slide the bottom gasket of the door through the track, which can make moving it difficult, especially for bigger, heavier doors. Modern lift-slide doors, on the other hand, are top hung, meaning they lift from the floor. Precision rollers also aid in smoother, easier operation.

To ensure the effortless operation of your sliding doors, make sure to regularly clean and maintain the door tracks. Proper maintenance will also aid in preventing damage and extending the lifespan of your door.

Sliding Doors Leak

Any opening in your home can leak when hit with excessive wind and rain. Sliding doors are tested to provide a certain level of protection from harsh elements, and even undergo a certification process. Issues can occur, however, when elements such as precipitation and wind speeds exceed these levels. Consult an expert to determine the best exterior components and materials for your home. Whether you need new doors or siding repair, A&A Services Home Improvement is here to help.

Sliding Doors Are Unsightly

Today’s sliding doors come with narrower, sleeker frames that will not only make your home look more sophisticated, but will let in more light as well. Frames can be made from a wide range of materials including aluminum, steel, vinyl, fiberglass and wood. When it comes to finishes and colors, you have almost endless options.

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