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Flat Roof

Flat roofs provide plenty of advantages to your home in terms of energy efficiency and appeal. Moreover, the extra surface area can also be converted into a great outdoor space that allows for more activities. Even with all these benefits, however, flat roof owners must always keep on top of necessary roof repair and maintenance needs, as small problems with this type of roofing can easily become worse.

Let our roofing professionals at A&A Services Home Improvement offer you a few useful tips on dealing with flat roof problems, as well as some advice on how to prevent them altogether.

Check Water Drainage

Pooling and standing water are two of the biggest problems to plague flat roofing systems, which often require expensive roof repair services to resolve them. Flat roofs are actually built at a slight slope to prevent this type of problem, but without a proper drainage system including clear, unclogged gutters and downspouts, water-related damage can still occur. Make sure that any debris that could impede the flow of water through your gutters is regularly cleaned out to avoid this common issue.

Estimated Service Life

Unfortunately, flat roofs rarely last as long as sloped roofs, and the reason for this is mainly due to its construction. Most contractors typically estimate a life span of up to 15 years of service for an average flat roof, but the truth is, it usually becomes necessary to get a replacement at the 10-year mark. Our experts recommend replacing the roof every 10 years to maximize its use.

Water and Weatherproofing

The best way to protect your flat roof from water damage and avoid inconveniently-timed roof repairs is to invest in a protective coat of high-quality waterproofing for the roof itself. Ask your local contractor about this option when they perform your next service visit.

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