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Solar Heat Gain

A lot of factors must be considered when updating your current window units. In addition to choosing your preferred style, frame material and exterior and interior finish, you must also make sure the units can ensure energy efficiency for your home. One of the key components you need to look at is the windows’ solar heat gain coefficient.

A&A Services Home Improvement, the home of your local window replacement and roof repair pros, discusses what you need to know about this important window rating.

About SHGC

The term “solar heat gain” refers to the increase in thermal energy of a space, object or structure as it absorbs incident solar radiation. In the context of windows, it’s the amount of energy such units allow to enter your home.

Simply put, inefficient windows transmit all of the solar heat coming from the sun into your home, causing unnecessary warmth indoors. This, in turn, results in higher energy consumption because you have to rely more on your HVAC system for comfort. Such problems can be alleviated with energy-efficient window units. Our exterior home improvement pros, who also tackle roof repair and siding replacement projects, install windows manufactured by the top industry brands.

How SHGC Is Measured

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) introduced the SHGC as a metric for measuring the energy efficiency of windows and other building materials. The rating is set between 0 and 1, with the former indicating the least amount of solar heat gain that can come through a window. The lower the rating, the better the unit is at blocking unwanted heat.

Note that SHGC ratings vary across the United States. Given the different climate zones, it’s necessary to check the information labels on each window to see if it’s well-suited for the weather conditions in your area. In our local area, the SHGC rating of replacement windows falls within the 0.32 and 0.42 range.

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