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A roof repair or replacement is a serious home improvement for any homeowner to undertake. Not only is your daily routine guaranteed to be disrupted as work on the project commences, but these projects also require a significant amount of time and funding. Unfortunately, even though you may have a plan to which you have every intention of sticking, unplanned costs can sometimes arise that upset your budget.

In this post, A&A Services Home Improvement discusses four unexpected costs of roofing projects and how to deal with them.

Pests and Mold – Pests and mold are two of the leading causes of roofing problems, and rectifying these issues can easily add to the overall bill if you’re having your roof repaired. This is because the problem has to be dealt with before a new roof or shingles can be installed on the structure if you want the new roof to perform well.

Bringing the Roof Up to Code – While your roofing system may have met the required building codes when it was first constructed, those codes have likely changed and evolved in the interim, and your current roof may no longer be up to code. This means that roof repair professionals will have to bring the roof back up to code for sustainability and energy efficiency purposes. While this is a good thing, keep in mind that it will translate to an additional charge on your bill.

Upgrades – A roof replacement is a good home improvement project to get into if your intent is to increase your home’s value. In so doing, however, your roofer may recommend making a few upgrades to the roofing system, such as improved roofing ventilation, low-maintenance gutters and more durable underlayment. Unfortunately, as with most other things, these added charges could cost you quite a bit more, so make sure to think things through before proceeding.

Leaks – Leaks are the number one enemy of the roofing system, and often go unnoticed until your old shingles are removed for repairs. Leaks can cause damage to your home such as wood rot in the plywood and other wooden parts of the structure. If the damage is extensive, you’ll have no choice but to repair or replace the affected portions, which can add a significant amount to the final cost of your roofing project.

How to Deal with Unexpected Charges

Unless you’re extremely meticulous with your roofing system’s upkeep, avoiding these unplanned expenses can be difficult, as they’re usually necessary to ensure your roof is in top form. In fact, the only ones you can really avoid are the upgrade costs. Make sure to talk with your contractor to determine which upgrades make the most sense in your situation and which ones can wait in order to minimize additional charges.

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