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While sliding patio doors can be found in many American homes today, in the past they weren’t as sleek and attractive as they are now. They were big, clunky, and more likely to get stuck in the tracks. This unfortunately gave sliding patio doors a bad reputation amongst some homeowners, and even gave rise to a few myths.

In this post, door and roof replacement experts A&A Services Home Improvement discuss four common myths you’ll often hear about sliding patio doors, as well as the truth behind them.

Big Panels are Hard to Slide -This myth actually has a grain of truth to it, since as previously stated early sliding door models were big and bulky. As these sliding patio doors would simply slide the door’s bottom gasket along the track, they became more difficult to move as the size and weight increased. Modern panels, however, are actually lifted up from the floor by high- performance hardware, making their operation smoother and easier than ever.

Sliding Doors are Airtight – This myth is actually pure misconception, as sliding doors aren’t actually airtight, and do let air into and out of your home. In fact, it’s actually impossible to make a sliding door airtight due to the minimum standards set by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. To install a sliding patio door in your home, turn to the door installation and roof replacement pros at A&A Services.

Sliding Patio Doors Leak Water – Another popular myth that’s plagued sliding patio doors is that they leak water whenever it rains. Once again, this myth used to have some validity when it came to older versions of sliding patio doors. In actuality, however, today’s sliding patio doors are tested to withstand certain kinds of environmental issues. The only time you’ll encounter problems with leaking is if the elements and wind speed exceed these levels, so make sure to talk to a professional to avoid facing this issue.

Sliding Doors are Ugly – Once more, this myth came about because of older sliding patio doors. While the patio doors of yesteryear were ponderous and clunky, sliding patio doors nowadays are much slimmer and sleeker thanks to technological developments, with numerous choices in terms of framing materials, glass, hardware and even colors. These options allow you to customize your sliding patio door’s design according to your aesthetic preferences.

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