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Interviewing your contractor before your roof repair or roof replacement project will provide you with critical information and help you prevent problems and miscommunication once the project starts. Knowing what to expect will aid you in making the right preparations. A & A Services Home Improvement shares four important questions you need to ask your roofer:

What Are the Possible Issues? Problems may emerge during your project that could cause change orders and delays. Fortunately, an experienced contractor knows how to anticipate and prevent these roadblocks. Find out how your contractor plans to deal with unexpected issues to see how well they’ll be able to manage your project.

How Will You Communicate? Everyone has a different preferred method of communication. You and your contractor need to be on the same page regarding communication styles before starting your roof repair project, because you want to make sure your contractor keeps you well-informed regarding the state of your project. A & A Services Home Improvement suggests weekly meetings or follow-ups to keep you updated.

What Happens If There’s a Change Order? Change orders can cause delays, so you want to avoid them as much as possible. Sometimes they’re unavoidable, though, so you and your contractor should have a plan in place to record any changes that occur during your project. Documenting change orders will help prevent misunderstandings.

How Will You Protect My Property? A roof repair or replacement can cause a big mess. Your contractor needs to be able to explain to you how they plan to protect your property and uphold safety measures. This way, you’ll be ready once the project begins.

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