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Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. Not only does it protect everything and everyone in your home, but it also affects the overall look and value of your home. But even as important as it is, it’s still easy for homeowners to forget about the regular maintenance or replacement their roof requires. 

At A&A Services, our customers come to us for our roof replacement services because of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We use the highest quality materials in order to make sure that your new roof will last for years to come. But how often does a roof need to be replaced? Find out below!

What Affects A Roof’s Lifespan?

There are numerous factors that affect the longevity of your roof, from the climate to the ventilation in your attic. On average, you can expect your roof to last about 20 years, but that may not be the ideal time to replace your roof. If you’re not considering the factors below, its longevity can decrease.


Extreme climate conditions like heavy rain, hail, snow, and wind are common roofing issues to expect, particularly during the winter. Harsh weather conditions can put a lot of wear and tear on your roof, especially if you’re not keeping up with roof maintenance, like roof repairs. This speeds up the aging of your roof, making that need for a replacement sooner than 20 years. We recommend after experiencing harsh weather to give your roof a visual check to make sure there are no loose shingles or leaks coming through your attic. At A&A Services, we offer Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System to protect your roof from harsh weather.

Installation Quality

If your roof was poorly installed, then it puts your roof at risk for premature failure and triggers costly repairs in the future. A few signs that your roof may be poorly installed include missing shingles, improper shingle alignment, and incorrect nail placement. If you’re worried that this is the case, give us a call!

Attic Ventilation

Adequate attic ventilation plays a vital role in regulating the moisture levels and temperature in your home, impacting the lifespan of your roof by preventing water-related damage, like mold and mildew.

Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

If you’re unaware of the age of your roof, then it’s essential to look out for these signs that indicate a roof replacement. The first sign to check for is curling, cracked, or missing shingles. Next, check for water damage by paying attention to any leaks or dripping in your home. We urge you to call a roofing professional if you think you’re facing water damage or a leak from your roof. Then, you’ll want to look for any drooping areas on your roof or sagging appearing in the ceiling of your attic—this is an almost immediate sign that your roof requires a replacement.

Book a Roof Replacement with A&A Home Improvement Services

How often a roof needs to be replaced depends on factors such as age, weather, maintenance, and more. By understanding these factors, you can prolong the longevity of your roof and know when it’s time to act on a roof replacement. If you think your roof needs a replacement, book a free inspection with us today to get started.