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With the winter weather in full swing in New England, there’s no better time than now to learn how to prevent snow from ruining your roof. Snow can weigh up to 30 pounds per cubic foot while it sits on your roof, and can cause expensive damage to your roof and gutters while it sits and melts days later. 

The best way to prevent these costly problems and headaches is to contact a professional roofing company that can help you take care of your roof. At A&A Services, we’ve been servicing the North Shore area for over 40 years, offering reliable roofing services that’ll leave you feeling prepared for the winter weather. Contact us today to ensure your roof is in good shape! In the meantime, learn about the steps you can take to prevent snow from ruining your roof.

Book a Roof Inspection

The first step to ensuring your roof is ready for the heavy winter snow is to book a roof inspection. If you notice any loose shingles or other damages that look out of place, those signs also warrant an inspection. Appointments like these will help us determine if your roof needs any roof repairs before the snow comes and if its load capacity is fit for the snow. We recommend regularly booking these appointments because it’ll allow our team to spot any signs of stress, sagging, or damage before they can worsen.

Schedule Overdue Roof Repairs

Don’t put off your roof maintenance! The purpose of booking a roof inspection is to catch any necessary repairs that will keep your roof working properly. We recommend roof repairs so that you can avoid unsafe, costly problems in the future. If you’re unsure if your roof requires a repair, give us a call so we can talk through what’s going on. 

Remove Snow from Your Roof Once it Reaches 6 Inches

Most New England homeowners are used to snow collecting on their roofs and many wait for the snow to melt off days after the storm. However, it’s important to brush some of that snow off before it can cause problems like ice dams. The rule of thumb is to remove snow from your roof once it has reached six inches. Safely remove snow with a snow rake or broom so that you avoid damaging the shingles, or hire professionals for larger homes.

Pay Attention to Gutter Maintenance

Gutter maintenance is an easy task to add to your routine that can help alleviate the weight of the snow on your roof. It’s important to keep your gutters clear of any debris so that they can properly drain the snow as it melts. We recommend installing gutter guards to prevent ice dams from building. 

Maintain Proper Ventilation

A key factor to making sure that snow properly melts on your roof and doesn’t cause any problems, like ice dams, is to maintain proper ventilation in your attic. Maintaining proper ventilation in your attic will help regulate the temperature and reduce the chance of the snow forming ice.

Trim Overhanging Branches

If you have numerous trees and branches that hang over portions of your roof, it may be worth trimming them to avoid more build-up on your roof. By trimming overhanging tree branches, you prevent them from dangerously collecting snow that can build up and cause the branches to snap and land on your roof, adding unnecessary heavy weight. 

Contact A&A Services to Prep Your Roof for Snow!

By taking these preventative actions, you can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing dangerous and costly snow-related damages. Our team at A&A Services focuses on providing top-quality workmanship and leaving customers satisfied. Give us a call to book your FREE roof inspection today to help extend the life of your roof.