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Actually, the best windows for coastal homes or other applications are rated up to DP70 (simulating 205mph winds) and windows with a DP50 certification are capable of battling winds of up to 173 mph. In Hurricane areas; environments where windows are subjected to high winds, this type of certification is required. Other areas close to the coast without regulations can still benefit from impact resistant windows. Sunrise windows in Michigan makes some of the best coastal home windows available, and their double panes achieve the DP50 rating. Install WindowPlaces near us like Gloucester and Rockport Massachusetts have plenty of homes with very little protection from the sea and the harsh wind-driven rain. In coastal applications like these, even without certification needed hurricane windows can make a huge difference in how houses react to storms. Homes in coastal areas are usually the most susceptible to damage from the environment on the side that meets the coast. The nice thing about not having codes to be required to install impact resistant windows is that you may only need to replace a few windows in your home to have the same level of protection as somebody in Florida would with all their windows being storm proof. Sunrise Coastal Performance Series Double Hung . DP50/PG50 – -Triple weather-strip technology for improved efficiency. -Polyurethane insulated frame adds comfort and energy efficiency. -Includes night latches for venting while locked. -Fiberglass reinforced meeting rails and stiles to add a ton of strength. -Bottom rail can also be locked in place to provide extra protection during high winds. Sunrise Coastal Performance Series Casement/Slider . DP50/PG50; DP70/PG70 -Stepped design minimizes appearance of frame and sash. -Panes of glass can still be opened to 90 degrees so cleaning can be done from the interior. -Fiberglass reinforcements allows smaller versions to be DP70/PG70, while the bigger versions with large panes of glass can still reach DP50/PG50 certification. -Insulated frame just like the Coastal Series Double Hung. -Simulated meeting rail on sliding window to give the appearance of a double hung.