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Your windows play a vital role in providing your home with good lighting and ventilation. Having adequate levels of both helps ensure that you and your family stay healthy and comfortable and that your home stays energy-efficient.

As professionals in window installation Salem MA residents can always rely on for their window concerns, A&A Services knows just how important your windows are in providing your home with good lighting and ventilation. So how exactly do they contribute? Here’s how:

Good Lighting

According to research findings from the Center for Sustainable Building Research of University of Minnesota, 47% of the energy we consume at home is used for space conditioning (for temperature and lighting regulation). With the right windows, you can get an adequate amount of sunlight in the rooms you use the most during daytime. This can help you reduce your need for electric lighting and help you save energy.

Good Ventilation

Without adequate ventilation, pollutants can accumulate within your home. With proper ventilation comes natural air movement, which can help provide your home with fresh air. Sufficient ventilation can also help reduce excess moisture from the air. Excess moisture can cause damage to various parts and furnishings within your home, including the carpet or walls.

If you’re in need of replacement windows in Salem to help ensure your home has enough lighting and ventilation, we at A&A Services carry top-quality windows from Sunrise Vanguard Windows to help do just that. Their insulated glass options can give your home adequate insulation that can help improve the energy efficiency within your home. They also come in various glass options that maximize sunlight entering your home without the harmful UV rays.

Ensure your windows are contributing to the lighting and ventilation in your home by getting those old and worn-out windows replaced. For more information on our replacement window options and our services, feel free to give us a call today at (978) 741-0424.