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Glass Packages

Casement windows are known for their ventilation, lighting, and fully open window features. The larger ones are often installed in living areas, bedrooms, and guest spaces, while smaller casement windows are mounted over countertops and sinks.

Aside from these common features and benefits, our casement replacement windows in Salem also have the following:


In terms of performance, our casement windows are a cut above the rest. These have dual weather-stripping seals and airtight performance, keeping your home protected from leaks. Our casement windows also have a low profile single-lever locking handle, which can control up to three locking points for increased security.


Casement windows can match any architectural design. Wherever you install them – whether it’s a modern or a traditional home – these windows look effortlessly stylish. At A&A Services, we offer a variety of window configurations, such as wood grains, colors, and decorative glass options. We make sure there is something for the varying taste of every homeowner.

Energy Efficiency

Another reason to choose our casement windows is the energy savings that they bring to homes. Our Sunrise Vanguard casement windows are ENERGY STAR® certified, which means these can reduce your heating and cooling costs over time. These can maintain a comfortable indoor environment and protect your home from the harmful elements, such as UV/IR rays.


If you want to stand out in the neighborhood, our casement windows are your best bet. These have a beveled exterior design and an adjustable hinge system that add to its already gorgeous features. Additionally, our casement windows have a contoured external and a stepped internal design that further highlights its striking features.

As a whole, casement windows are perfect for every home. A&A Services is here to help with your window installation in Salem, MA. We have an expertly trained team that can work with different kinds of home designs. As a certified installer, we make sure we install every replacement window right the first time. We would be glad to do the same for you.

If you’re interested to learn more about our services or if you have any questions, get in touch with us at (978) 741-0424. We will be ready to answer your call today.