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Replacement windows are custom-made to fit precisely into the existing opening of the wall. When installing replacement windows, it is important that the current interior setup of the home is not disturbed or harmed.

Installers may make it look quick and easy, but it actually takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and practice to get window replacement done right. This is why installers, if they’re from a reliable company, undergo extensive training on installation processes and techniques.

The exterior cladding alone is quite tricky to work with. It takes a seasoned installer to accurately measure and wrap aluminum on the trim of your window’s exterior. If properly fitted, this exterior cladding should give the window a tight seal, and protect your home against the elements.

We at A&A Services love a good challenge, which is why we have been perfecting our products and techniques in window installation since our founding in 1982. As your experts in replacement window installation in Salem, MA, and the surrounding areas, we make sure that when we work on your windows, no damage will be done to your home.

One of our loyal customers from Swampscott once came to us with a problem: they had over thirty windows in the house that had functionality issues and needed to be replaced. We couldn’t stand the thought of inefficient windows ruining an otherwise beautiful home, so we took on the job.

We already had the replacement windows – energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and warrantied – that would look perfect in our client’s home. The real challenge was the installation process itself. How do you replace thirty faulty windows without disturbing the home’s interior?

Upon thorough evaluation of the home’s structure, we discovered that the windows could be installed from the outside. Our customer was thrilled with the idea, so we proceeded with the installation, completing it in just four days.

We recommend installing windows from the outside, especially for houses built in the 80s or earlier, to preserve the appearance and overall quality of the home. If you have Salem windows that need replacing, don’t hesitate to give us at A&A Services a call, and we’ll see to it that the installation process won’t hurt the interior of your home.