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Window Installation
Window InstallationWindow Installation

This is a beautiful home in Swampscott belonging to one of our repeat customers. One of the most prominent features of this home is its large, double-hung windows which allow for lots of natural light. Unfortunately, the home’s current windows were a very old Andersen product and were no long doing the beautiful ocean-side view justice. The windows have had functionality problems and definitely needed to be replaced before things got worse.   Upon evaluation of the home it was clear that we would need to take special care to dust-proof the interior 3-story spiral staircase to prevent a mess. To do this we built a containment wall with standard 6 mill plastic.     The new Sunrise Windows we installed solved all of this customer’s problems. A practical solution, Sunrise Double-Casement Windows offer a greater pane size to maximize the valuable ocean view of this customers home, while also being able to stand the test of time. These vinyl windows can handle the salt and extremes of ocean exposure much better than wood products for years to come. Energy savings accompany these windows also with competitive energy efficiency and one of the best wind infiltration rates on the market. These Sunrise Windows are really great and offer a no-fuss lifetime guarantee to boot.