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Roof Maintenance

Many homeowners do not recognize the importance of roof maintenance. Some would even ignore clear signs that their roofs already need inspection and possibly, some repair work. Indeed, there may be a lot on your plate and you may be saving up for other expenses, but leaving your roof unmaintained for years may just put you in more costly trouble. Check out the advice from this article:

“Care is crucial: Once the roof is protecting the building and its contents, it is often forgotten, which is unfortunate. Building owners should rethink the old “out of sight, out of mind” attitude when it comes to that major capital investment overhead. Semiannual inspections can catch many roofing problems before any major damage occurs.” – “Adding Years to the Roof’, Building Operating Management, November, 2002 ‘Inspecting and maintaining a roof is the only way to extend its service life after it has been installed. The primary objective should be to maximize the service life, thus reducing the roof’s lifecycle cost… Don’t assume that just because a roof doesn’t leak, it hasn’t incurred any damage.” – Pat Marshall, Benchmark, Inc., as quoted in ‘Roof Inspections Yield Longer Service’, AFE Facilities Engineering, March/April 1999

If left unresolved, your uninspected roof damage will surely worsen. For instance, water and moisture that your damaged roof has let in can cause mold and mildew buildup. Additionally, wooden parts of your home may rot quickly, resulting in expensive replacements. To prevent things like this from happening, you should contact a reliable professional in the industry. A&A Services is among the trusted Salem roofing contractors that provide professional roof maintenance, inspection, and repair services. We will ensure that all aspects of your roof are checked for any damage, and we will provide you with expert advice and recommendations based on the condition of your roof. When providing services for roofing in Salem and the surrounding areas, A&A follows our guaranteed three-step quality workmanship. Call us today for service that you can trust. (Article and Image from “The Importance of Roof Maintenance”)