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Throughout spring and summer, the backyard deck or the patio is the most enticing space in the house. This outdoor living space is not only the perfect spot to hold your barbecues and parties; it is also the perfect refuge for those wanting to escape the heavy demands of everyday life.

Building a patio on your own and creating the right atmosphere, however, is going to take a lot of work; but with some effort and imagination, it will probably be one of the most rewarding home projects you could take on.

To help you out with your task, an article from danvers.wickedlocal.com provides some tips:

Adding a deck or patio to your home is an appealing, relatively low-cost way to create extra living space. But which is the best and most eco-friendly choice for you? The answer is: “It depends on your landscape, your needs and the type of construction material.” Let’s look at how the two options fit in with your needs and compare the green profiles of decks and patios.

Once you’re done with the paved area of your patio, adding other essentials is in order for you to complete the entire ambiance of your outdoor haven: your choice of plants, outdoor furniture sets, and other accessories such as umbrellas and fire pits.

Other things to consider are the siding, windows, patio door, and roofing in Danvers MA. The colors and design of your home’s exterior must work together with the patio’s scheme as they play an important part in creating a harmonious setting.

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(Article Excerpt from Building a deck or a Patio? The Best and the Greenest Choice for You, danvers.wickedlocal.com, May 21, 2014)