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June 25, 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the Great Salem Fire of 1914 wherein 1,376 buildings in Salem, MA were destroyed. The catastrophe caused a major socio-economic collapse in the area with the entire loss estimated at $15 million, with insurance policies reaching $11.744 million in. Moreover, 20,000 people lost their homes, 10,000 their jobs, and a few their lives.

It is said that the Great Salem Fire started when a fire broke out at the Korn leather factory at 57 Boston Street. The roaring fire quickly got out of hand as strong winds swept the fire all over the city, wreaking fiery havoc in its path over the course of two days. After countless efforts by officials and occupants alike, flames were finally extinguished at dawn on the 27th of June. Much of Salem was brought into ash and shocked residents found themselves homeless and jobless.

This year, the city council commemorates the fire’s 100th anniversary with a public ceremony at the corner of Boston and Bridge streets at Lafayette Park; recognizing the firefighters who battled the blaze and re-dedicating the 1915 plaque memorializing with chiefs from various departments in attendance.

Commemorating the Great Salem Fire of 1914 is important. It is not just to remember the departed and the heroes who sacrificed their lives to help others. It also taught us the importance of disaster preparedness and fire prevention, especially on a season like this, when it’s hot, dry, and windy. This lethal combination can easily spread fire in seconds, Much like what happened in this fire reported by boston.com:

The fire began in a house under construction, before spreading to two others—one under construction and one occupied—while causing damage to several others on Folger Avenue, according to Ron Carnevale, who said he lives about 600 feet away from the blaze.

Because of this, Salem homeowners should ensure that their homes are not vulnerable to fires. One way of making sure in case flames broke out in your neighbor’s home is by installing fire-resistant exteriors such as your Salem roofing and siding.

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