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Bay Windows

Among all the window options available to a homeowner, bay and bow windows stand in a class all their own. They’re highly functional and aesthetic, boasting many great applicable uses. A&A Services looks at the very best of these features to show you why having these in your home is a great idea.

They make your house look good.

Simply put, bay and bow replacement windows in Salem are a feast for the eyes. They jut out of your home very visibly, enhancing its look and curb appeal. The difference between the two lies in their layout. Bow windows are composed of four or more windows of comparable sizes arrayed in a flat arc, which gives them a very streamlined appearance. On the other hand, bay windows are hard-edged and trapezoidal in shape, usually composed of a large, central picture window flanked by either casement or double-hung windows for ventilation.

They provide illumination and ventilation.

Bay and bow windows primarily provide great views of the outdoors—a plus for those living in areas with beautiful surroundings. They also work the other way around, drawing in a lot of natural light through their multiple panels and brightening up your home’s interior. Bay and bow windows also allow for a great deal of ventilation, as their operable components open up to bring cool breezes in. These two factors make them especially perfect for living or family rooms—or any space where there’s a lot of socialization.

They maximize energy efficiency.

All of our windows feature VG glass. These multi-layer glass systems are dual-glazed insulated with a patented GlassGuard™ spacer filled with high-density argon. Together, these elements reduce the absorption of UV light as well as the heat of the sun. This lightens the burden on your air conditioning and heater which—in turn—lowers your energy spending per month. Clearly, bay or bow windows are a cost-effective choice, especially if you hire professionals who perform window installation in Salem, MA homes like yours.

If you’re looking for windows that both look good and offer practical benefits, bay or bow windows are just what you’re looking for. Give A&A Services a call today and we’ll be more than happy to help you pick out the combination that’s perfect for your home.