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Siding Warranty

A&A Services was near Salem State University in Mid-April, 2012, exercising a warranty on vinyl siding installed 8 years ago. This job was at absolutely no charge to the customer. Below is a series of pictures and movies detailing the job from start to finish. In the movie is A&A’s siding foreman. We’re focusing in on one portion of the house to show from top to bottom how A&A’s lifetime warranty on all our products is not just talk. Below is a picture of the job before A&A arrived.  As you can see this particular batch of siding faded 8 years down the line. Although this type of fading is not normal and only happens to a very small percentage of siding jobs, it is 100% covered by our lifetime warranty. All the spots you see in the picture are areas where the siding is fading, and the spots shouldn’t be there. Below you can see our siding foreman stripping the siding off before he puts a fresh new layer of replacement siding on 100% free for the customer.  In the video, you can see that A&A Services keeps up an immaculate job site, our staff makes sure that as soon as debris or any other material is on the ground, it is cleaned ASAP. Below is a picture of the entire wall after it has been stripped. Also note that A&A does not play music during the work, it is part of our 10 commandments. Siding Warranty Now that the wall is completely stripped and cleaned, Jocio is ready to start putting the custom fitted siding back on the home. Below in the video you can see him reapplying the siding. Below the siding is an R-rated performance underlayment, giving the home a first layer of insulation. Note in the video below that the siding must fit exactly to give a true “wrap around” feel to the siding. There is a tremendous level of craftsmanship to get the siding to fit around tricky portions of the home like this retaining wall.  All the siding blemishes are gone now! After the vinyl siding is reapplied completely, it is just a matter of tidying up the siding and putting the remaining electrical features back on the home. A&A takes care of the electrical work as well, and does not require an electrician for most electrical features of the home. Below is a picture of the actual completed work. Stay tuned for the testimonial video behind this free restoration work. Siding Warranty Vinyl Siding Warranty Final Product