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Vinyl Siding Replacement

We recently completed a large Vinyl Siding replacement project for one of our long-term customers in Salem. This customers home is stucco, which is not typical for this area.Their home is on the shore, and the existing vinyl siding had cracked and become damaged from age and long-term exposure to the elements. Also, the trim on the home was not wrapped and required a lot of maintenance.

The stucco construction of the home can make it difficult to affix the vinyl siding slats to the home, because you can not nail directly into the Stucco. The home was previously strapped when the old vinyl siding was installed, so we were able to replace the damaged strapping as well as add additional strapping to the stucco surface of the home. We used durable ramset concrete nails to ensure that the strapping was solidly mounted to the home before we began installing the new siding.

Vinyl Siding Replacement

Insulation board is lain over the strapping, and all trim on the building is wrapped with aluminum coil stock and flashing prior to the installation of the siding. Open soffits are closed in using a 2x nailed on the body, and Fascia boards are cut higher to maximize the window trim coverage on the home. At this point the vinyl siding is installed on the home. The nails used to install the vinyl siding have to be the correct length for this home’s situation (the home is on the water/prone to strong winds).

After all the vinyl siding was installed on this home, we also installed this customer’s new shutters to strapping that was previously laid out for that purpose. The CertainTeed Monogram siding that we installed on this customer’s home will serve its purpose for many years to come. It will both protect the home from the elements, and improve the home’s overall energy efficiency. This customer is very happy with the way their home looks now that the project is complete.