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Siding Warranty

This beautiful home in Melrose was sided by us in 2011 and looks great after a year outside. This is our cedar impressions siding and it gives the look of old wooden shingles. This siding job has a 30-year warranty, which we would honor at any step of the way. It sits atop a hill in the north side of town, and the house beams in the sunshine.

Vinyl SidingGetting vinyl siding to form perfectly to a house and fit like a glove is very challenging. As siding materials get better so to do the advertisment slogans and guarantees. Just know that without quality installation like this vinyl siding not only does not do it’s job but actually becomes a hazard to the home. This replacment siding will last for years to come in Melrose.

In the close up detail you can see how the alternating colors give the look of real natural wood, yet have the lasting power of vinyl. Cedar impressions is very rigid, this house on the top of a hill in Melrose has no protection from the elements around it, yet looks as good as it did when we put it on a year ago. To the right you can see a picture of how the home looks from the side. We had to fit the siding around each one of those windows you see on the right side of the house.